Friday, August 31, 2012

Books for Deaf Students in Dumpster

The Detroit Day School for the Deaf, is a unique learning environment, that is being sacrificed to provide administrative offices for Detroit Public Schools. The embedded video is from WXYZ following up on a parent finding textbooks for the students in a dumpster. When film crews came to check, those weren't there - however the parent, Deborah Love-Peel took photos of the evidence when found.
Starting this school year, the roughly 40 deaf students who attended the Day School for the Deaf are being mainstreamed into other school buildings. 
"What they did was they took a building that only deaf students can use and gave it to administrators who could go anywhere," said Elena Herrada, a school board member. "It's's people with absolutely no expertise and no morals are making these decisions."
Former principal of the School Jan Goike says the building was designed for deaf students and has special acoustics, smaller classrooms, and visual signals for fire alarms and severe weather.  As for the textbooks in the dumpster, Goike says she's not surprised.    
"What else can we assume except that their main imperative at this time is to get everything out of there, everything related to Detroit Day School for the Deaf, and move in the administrators so the students cannot return," said Goike.
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April Rally from, Photo: James Fassinger
Parents, teachers and students are asking for support in a rally of protest at the school located at US-10 (Lodge Fwy) and Canfield on September 4, 2012 all day.

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